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BMW Oil Change Light

BMW Oil Change Light

If your car comes with a BMW oil change light, a few things could be wrong with the oil filter. If it has not been adequately drained, then there might be bits of dirt inside the oil. The particles might also be trapped inside the oil filter and prevent it from performing correctly. This problem will eventually develop, and light indicates that the oil filter needs to be replaced. You can now see that replacing the oil can be tricky, especially if you do not know how to do it properly.

Why Does the BMW Oil Change Light Come on?

On some cars, the oil level indicator on the dashboard may also malfunction. BMW oil change light shows low oil pressure on the dashboard, which indicates that the car needs an oil change. However, the indicator does not illuminate on some cars, even if the car has enough oil. To know whether your car needs an oil change or not, you can check the oil level in the oil tank through a dipstick.


If your car needs an oil change, but the oil filter is still in good condition, then this means that some dirt particles inside it probably block the filter. It can be removed with the help of a large syringe or pliers. It is important to note that to prevent an oil stain on the engine, it is always recommended to let the oil dry out first. This is to ensure that no oil leaks onto the engine surface and causes an oil stain.


BMW oil change light can also be turned off by checking the level of the coolant. If the group is low, then coolant can be added to bring up the story. However, it is also advisable to add more coolant than what is stated in the BMW guide to avoiding getting the oil beyond the standard limit. With the increasing sophistication of the computer systems in today’s cars, it is easy to change the oil without opening the car’s bonnet.

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