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BMW Reset Oil Change

BMW Reset Oil Change

The first step to performing a BMW Reset Oil Change ​is to turn the ignition to the accessory position. Once this has been done, the next step is to press the “Reset” button. The last step is to encourage the axial button on the instrument cluster. When the procedure is complete, the tachometer display will show two lines of menus. Once you have selected the option you want, you should see a confirmation message. Once you have completed the process, the light will display “Oil Service.”

How to Perform a BMW Reset Oil Change

To reset the odometer, you should press the odometer reset button located on the dashboard. This button displays five green LEDs and indicates that the system is ready for an oil change. Once you have pressed the odometer reset button, the odometer will automatically come on and display the word “Reset.” After a few seconds, the odometer light should flash five times and then go out.


Using the odometer reset button on your BMW, you can easily reset your vehicle’s oil service light. Hold the black button for 5 seconds until you see “Reset” text. Then, release the reset button, and the odometer will reset. The odometer reset button is located in the instrument cluster and should appear on the speedometer as well. If you want to change your vehicle’s oil, you should also press the left button on the instrument cluster.


After pressing the odometer reset button, you should wait a few seconds. Then, press the start/stop button on the instrument cluster. You should see the service reminder disappear. Then, press the BC button on the turn signal stalk to enter the BMW service menu. Once this has been done, the odometer will display the oil can symbol again. Then, press the Start/Stop key. The odometer reset will show the new date.


Usually, the BMW reset oil change is done after the “Service Reminder” icon is displayed. After pressing the “Start/Stop” button, the odometer will flash on and off again. If the message appears, the service reminder has successfully been completed. Once the odometer is set, you must now hold the reset button for 3 to 10 seconds. Once you have done this, you will see the new date on the trip meter.

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