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BMW Oil Change Interval

When checking your BMW’s oil, the first thing you should do is drain the vehicle’s oil. To drain the oil, you should pull off the dipstick and locate the “dipstick top” at the engine’s bottom. Pull off the drain plug under the vehicle and leave the drain plug in place until you can access the oil filter. With a pair of long-handled spoons or a plastic milk bottle, remove and discard the oil filter. You should now be able to access and remove the oil filter. After these procedures, you can BMW oil change.

Before a BMW Oil Change another item that you should check is the level of dirt and debris inside the engine. The ideal situation is to have the engine cleaned by a professional, but you can do the cleaning yourself in most cases. Before starting, make sure the vehicle is cold; run the engine for five minutes or so to ensure it is warm enough. After the engine has warmed up, you should clean oil from the crankcase, rear cylinder head, and near the engine’s breather.